2021 Government Contract &
Fiscal Law New Developments Course

PURPOSE: This course is offered 16 NOV 21 to 19 NOV 21. It provides senior government attorneys updates on significant changes in government contract and fiscal law and policy by providing attendees the opportunity to hear the views of prominent individuals from the government and private sector.

PREREQUISITES: Military attorneys or civilian attorneys employed by the U.S. Government who work as a government contract law attorney or in a position of significant responsibility in acquisition law, have successfully completed the Contract Attorneys Course (5F-F10), Advanced Contract Law Course (5F-F103), or equivalent training, AND have a minimum of three years of experience as a contract law attorney.

LOCATION: Due to restrictions associated with COVID-19, all classes and panels will be held live using the ZoomGov platform. It will be the attendee’s responsibility to ensure they have access to, and familiarity with, the Zoom Client for Meetings application (https://zoomgov.com/download). Attendees will be required to provide their own computer or digital device (e.g. laptop, tablet, etc.), and internet connection capable of accessing JAG University and Zoom. Please ensure you are able to meet the technology requirements before registering for this course. TJAGLCS will NOT provide devices or IT services for students in this course.


  1. All Department of Defense personnel shall apply for this course through the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS). Your training coordinator for your command or agency can determine if a seat is available through ATRRS. If your organization does not have available seats, students must enroll on the ATRRS waitlist AND complete the course application form below. Applicants who do not meet course requirements may be removed from the ATRRS waitlist by the course manager to ensure qualified applicants are afforded an opportunity to attend the course. Once enrolled, students will be notified via ATRRS.

    The following organizations have course seat allocations: AMC, PEO STRI, TECOM, TACOM, ASC, CYBERCOM, IMCOM, ACC, ATEC, USACE, USALSA, USASOC, USARCENT, SP/MISS, DLA, USARC, USAF, NAVY, USCG, FT. LEE, AFRICOM. Applicants from these organizations or subordinate units must apply through their training coordinators.

  2. Non-Department of Defense personnel may complete the course application at the following link to be approved for enrollment by exception (enrolloment is NOT guaranteed). Please complete the form below and indication that you are a Non-DoD applicant.

DEADLINES: All Non-DoD Applications are due by COB on Wednesday, October 20th, 2021. Non-DoD Applicants will be notified of their enrollment status (admitted or waitlisted) NLT Monday, November 1st, 2021.

Please direct questions to the course manager: MAJ Dave Marold at david.r.marold.mil@army.mil.