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1998-Winter-Wesely-Prodigal Soldiers, How the Generation of Officers Born of Vietnam Revolutionized the American Style of War.pdf 32 KB
1998-Winter-Sullivan-Playing the Numbers, Court-Martial Panel Size and the Military Death Penalty.pdf 253 KB
1998-Winter-Parker-Jurismania.pdf 65 KB
1998-Winter-Harney-The Quiet Revolution-Downsizing, Outsourcing, and Best Value.pdf 325 KB
1998-Winter-Franks-The Fourth Annual Hugh J. Clausen Leadership Lecture.pdf 67 KB
1998-Winter-Fields, Marchant-The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Department of Defense Educational Programs.pdf 58 KB
1998-Winter-Burnett-Twenty-Second Edward H. Young Lecture in Legal Education.pdf 86 KB
1998-Winter-Bickers-Warrior Generals, Combat Leadership in the Civil War.pdf 40 KB
1998-Winter-Aassembled.pdf 1,1 MB
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