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2000-Fall-Prugh-Observations on UCMJ.pdf 133 KB
2000-Fall-Preface.pdf 22 KB
2000-Fall-Immel-Military Sentencing Guidelines.pdf 611 KB
2000-Fall-Hudson-Interview Senior Judges Everett and Cox.pdf 348 KB
2000-Fall-Hudson-BR-Pursuing Military Justice.pdf 69 KB
2000-Fall-Eldrigde-Stalking and the Military.pdf 300 KB
2000-Fall-Crawford-28 Hodson Lecture.pdf 106 KB
2000-Fall-Cooke-Fiftieth Anniversy of the UCMJ.pdf 131 KB
2000-Fall-Borch-BR-Vietnam Stories.pdf 44 KB
2000-Fall-Barry-Modernizing the Manual.pdf 306 KB
2000-Fall-Aassembled.pdf 1.7 MB
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