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Non-Tactical Vehicle Guidance



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(Credit: CPT Christian Turley)

On 27 September 2019, the Secretary of the Army (SA) signed a memorandum, subject Non-Tactical Vehicle (NTV) Policy Guidance, which clarified Army policy regarding the use of NTVs to transportation terminals, including those located in the National Capital Region. It affirmed the capacity of approving officials (AOs) to assess whether such use is appropriate and necessary on a case-by-case basis.

This memo stated that Army Regulation (AR) 58-1, Management, Acquisition, and Use of Motor Vehicles, paragraph 2-3i(1) will be modified to add a new subparagraph (f), which will expressly authorize discretion to determine that NTV use to transportation terminals is “[n]ecessary because other methods of transportation cannot reliably or adequately meet mission requirements, based on a case-by-case factual assessment.”

The SA’s guidance, which was effective immediately, clarifies that AOs may make a case-by-case determination that NTV use is necessary under certain circumstances. Under this clarifying language, NTV use may be authorized when it is necessary because other methods of transportation cannot reliably or adequately meet mission requirements. This is a significant expansion of the previous interpretation of the authority that limited NTV use to: when “[n]ecessary because of emergency situations or to meet security requirements” (subparagraph 2-3i(1)(c)), or when “[t]erminals are located in areas where commercial methods of transportation cannot meet mission requirements in a responsive manner” (subparagraph 2-3i(1)(d)).

Office of The Judge Advocate General has previously issued information papers (IPs) on the subject of NTV use for travel to and from the airport, most recently on 26 June 2018. Those IPs are superseded by the SA’s 27 September 2019 memo and should no longer be relied upon. TAL