Online Courses


Scope:This course prepares Army Reserve and National Guard judge advocates to be field grade leaders prepared for increasingly complex legal practice in the JAGC core competencies upon mobilization for service as an Active Duty member of the Total Force. This course is a blended course conducted in two phases.

Phase I (Online): Phase I is an online nonresident course administered by the Educational Technology Distributed Learning Division on JAG University (JAGU). Phase I consists of approximately 75 credit hours of online instruction from the School's four academic departments--Administrative & Civil Law, Contract & Fiscal Law, Criminal Law, and National Security Law. Students must complete Phase I before they are eligible to attend Phase II.

Phase II (Resident): Phase II is a two-week resident course conducted each December at TJAGLCS. Phase II builds on the instruction presented during Phase I. It serves as the final phase of the JAOAC for Army Reserve and National Guard judge advocates.

Phase I: Army Reserve and Army National Guard judge advocates who have successfully completed the Judge Advocate Officer Basic Course (JAOBC) and the Judge Advocate Tactical Staff Officer Course (JATSOC). Prior to enrollment in Phase I, a student must have obtained the rank of CPT and have completed two years of service since completion of JAOBC. The requirement to have obtained two years of service post-JAOBC service may be waived if the student meets the eligibility requirements for the waiver under TJAGSA Circular No. 351-10.
Phase II: Army Reserve and Army National Guard Judge Advocates in the rank of captain and major who have completed Phase I (online) by 1 October of the year of Phase II attendance. Prior to arrival at Phase II, students must have successfully completed the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) and Army Height-Weight Screening within 90 days of the start date of Phase II. Students are also required to pass an APFT and height/weight screening during the Phase II course to graduate. Students with temporary profiles (unless deployment or pregnancy related) limiting their ability to perform any event of the APFT and/or height/weight screening are not qualified to attend the course.

Phase I: Eligible judge advocates may register for Phase I (online) by going to the JAGU home page (, finding the 'Enrollment' tab, and then clicking 'JAOAC Phase I.' Follow the instructions there.

Phase II: Judge advocates who have successfully completed Phase I should contact the appropriate point of contact for Phase II ATRRS enrollment:

Scope: The Judge Advocate Tactical Staff Officer Course (JATSOC) is designed to familiarize judge advocates with the staff officer skills necessary to function effectively as part of a tactical-level staff. It is mandatory for all new judge advocates graduating from the Judge Advocate Officer Basic Course, and for legal administrators graduating for the Warrant Officer Basic Course. The course consists of 8 lessons totaling 20 hours of online instruction, covering the following topics: Army Doctrine, Army Organization, Brigade Combat Team Staff Organization and Responsibilities, Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield, Military Decision Making, Joint Operations, Military Briefings, and Operation Terms and Graphics. Students must complete the course within two years. An elective version of the course is available for self-development but does not contain exams or fulfill the mandatory course requirement.

Scope: This course provides training on broad-scope office management, criminal law, pretrial procedures, and referral to courts-martial, military paralegal correspondence, and legal assistance.

Scope: This course provides training on broad-scope operational planning, leadership, financial liability investigations of property loss, manpower management, and review of common legal documents.

Scope: This is the only online course that meets the mandatory and refresher training requirements for the Army’s Comptrollers Accreditation Program for CP11 and FA45 personnel.  The course provides a foundational review of fiscal law principles to meet the needs of a general military attorney, contracting officer, resource manager, or practitioner serving at a Brigade Combat Team or higher echelon, installation, or agency.  The course covers the statutory, regulatory, and policy authorities governing the commitment, obligation, and expenditure of appropriated funds in garrison and while deployed, and addresses current fiscal issues confronting the Department of Defense.  The course consists of 20 online hours and must be completed within 60 days of enrollment.