The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center & School


The Criminal Law Department teaches core courses and advanced criminal law electives to mid-career judge advocates who are pursuing an LL.M. in Military Law.  The department also offers an LL.M. in Military Law with a Criminal Law sub-specialty to those who satisfy department criteria based on credit hours awarded and graded achievement within the department. The department also oversees all Court Reporter courses.

The department provides criminal law instruction required for the certification of military judges, trial counsel (prosecutors), defense counsel, special victim counsel (attorneys who represent victims of sexual offenses), and  new judge advocates.  Additionally, the department provides criminal law and leadership short-course instruction to military justice managers, Reserve Component judge advocates, and  non-legal officers and noncommissioned officers in command and leadership positions.  The department also provides support to non-resident off-site instruction.

The department provides instruction in diverse subjects such as evidence, crimes and defenses, self-incrimination, sixth amendment, discovery, jurisdiction, mental responsibility, pretrial procedure, pretrial restraint and speedy trial, search and seizure, capital litigation, pleas and pretrial agreements, sentencing, unlawful command influence, professional responsibility, and post-trial procedures and appeals.  All criminal law professors have extensive criminal law backgrounds and have served in diverse criminal law assignments world-wide.

The short-courses listed below are offered to uniformed personnel by invitation only.  The course listing includes Court Reporter courses. Those interested in attending a short-course should contact the department administrator within the TJAGLCS directory. 


Criminal Law courses are listed below. For a detailed description of each course, see the course catalog.


  • Military Justice Leaders | ATRRS: 5F-F31
  • Military Judge | ATRRS: 5F-F33
  • Military Justice Advisor | ATRRS: 5F-F39
  • Intermediate Trial Advocacy | ATRRS: 5F-F34
  • Special Victims' Counsel | ATRRS: 5F-F35
  • Special Victim Counsel and Special Victim Counsel - Child Victim & Domestic Violence | ATRRS: 5F-F35C


  • Basic Court Reporter | ATRRS: 512-27DC5
  • Advanced Court Reporter | ATRRS: 512-27DC7