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The Training Developments Directorate (TDD) analyzes training needs, designs training strategies, develops training products, and leverages training and education technologies to support legal training in the JAG Corps and the Army.

A primary mission of TDD is to develop and provide current products for Army-wide legal training for officers and enlisted Soldiers. These products consist of Training Support Packages (TSPs) and lesson plans which are stored in a database called Training Development Capability or TDC. Judge Advocates responsible for teaching classes to Officer Basic Course students and Basic Combat Training Soldiers at Army Centers of Excellence and Schools can access these products through their installation Directorate of Training.

Another mission of TDD is the development of the curriculum for TJAGLCS designated Noncommissioned Officer Academy (NCOA) resident and distributed learning (dL) courses for enlisted paralegals, to include the 27D Senior Leaders Course, Advance Leaders Course, and the Army Paralegal Competence Course (APCC) launching in 2021. We also generate the training material to channel the technical expertise of Paralegal Noncommissioned Officers using the Small Group process and Small Group Instruction with practical applications and testing.

Our developers manage the Paralegal Proficiency Training and Resources page found on JAGU. This page provides training resources to paralegals with the intent of developing and sustaining proficiency in the Corps legal disciplines. Content on this page includes, but not limited to, the following: Soldier's Training Manual, Post-Trial Handbook, MCM, Webcast Recordings and related training materials.


181-BOLC-1020. Conduct Operations According to the Law of War.
Emphasizes the principles set forth in the soldier's rules including the prohibitions on targets and weapons, treatment of noncombatants, prisoners of war, the wounded and sick, and civilians. It also emphasizes the proper treatment of detainees and stresses individual and command responsibility.
181-BOLC-1331. Overview of Military Justice.
Provides an overview of the military justice system and the leader's role in it. Covers the legal foundation that supports the military justice system, the components of the military justice system and both punitive and non-punitive options available to leaders and commanders.

181-181BOLC-1049/2. Code of Conduct.
Comply with the requirements of the code of conduct. Provides an overview of the six articles of the code of conduct.

181-181BOLC-1810. Ethics for Leaders.
Provide initial ethics training as required by the Joint Ethics Regulation (JER).

Overview of Legal Issues (Military Justice)
Overview of Operational Law (Includes Code of Conduct)

181-181BT181-1063. Military Ethics.
Provide initial ethics training as required by the Joint Ethics Regulation (JER).

Military Justice for Company Commanders
Law of Armed Conflict

Military Justice for Commanders
Administrative Investigations
Enlisted Separations
Standards of Conduct




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