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1998-Summer-Scott-Kimmel, Short, McVay-Case Studies in Executive Authority, Law and the Individual Rights of Military Commanders.pdf 808 KB
1998-Summer-McDonald-The Eleventh Annual Waldemar A. Solf Lecture.pdf 88 KB
1998-Summer-Martin-Truth or Justice.pdf 26 KB
1998-Summer-Friend-Churchill on Leadership, Executive Success in the Face of Adversity.pdf 35 KB
1998-Summer-Elliott-Sword and Swastika.pdf 38 KB
1998-Summer-Doty-The United States and the Development of the Laws of Land Warfare.pdf 153 KB
1998-Summer-Cooke-The Twenty-Sixth Annual Kenneth J. Hodson Lecture.pdf 119 KB
1998-Summer-Colwell-The Book for Five Rings.pdf 26 KB
1998-Summer-Brown-Prisoner of War Parole, Ancient Concept, Modern Utility.pdf 124 KB
1998-Summer-Aassembled.pdf 1.7 MB
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