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1999-Fall-Vitaris-Representing the Agency before the Merit Systems Protections Board, A Handbook on MSPB Practice and Procedure.pdf 52 KB
1999-Fall-Matheson-The Twelfth Waldemar A. Solf Lecture in International Law.pdf 99 KB
1999-Fall-MacDonnell-In the Hands of Providence.pdf 28 KB
1999-Fall-Hudson-Obeying Orders, Atrocity, Military Discipline and the Law of War.pdf 65 KB
1999-Fall-Gilligan-An Analysis of Military Law Enforcement Authority over Civilian Lawbreakers on and off the Federal Installation.pdf 323 KB
1999-Fall-Corn-Campbell v. Clinton, The Implied Consent Theory of Presidential War Power is again Validated.pdf 71 KB
1999-Fall-Condron-Justification for Unilateral Action in Response to the Iraqi Threat, A Critical Analysis of Operation Desert Fox.pdf 339 KB
1999-Fall-Campanella-The Regulation of Body Art in the Military.pdf 347 KB
1999-Fall-Aassembled.pdf 1.6 MB
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