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1999-Summer-Seidel-Moving Mountains, Lessons in Leadership and Logistics from the Gulf War.pdf 39 KB
1999-Summer-Newton-The Twenty-Third Edward H. Young Lecture in Legal Education.pdf 114 KB
1999-Summer-Maggs-Judicial Review of the Manual for Courts-Martial.pdf 289 KB
1999-Summer-Godwin-NATO's Role in Peace Operations, Reexamining the Treaty after Bosnia and Kosovo.pdf 505 KB
1999-Summer-Fricke-Dereliction of Duty, Lyndon Johnson, Robert McNamara, The Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Lies that led to Vietnam.pdf 40 KB
1999-Summer-Anderson-Summary Contempt Power in the Military, A Proposal to Amend Article 48, UCMJ.pdf 295 KB
1999-Summer-Agar-Breaking the Phalanx, A New Design for Landpower in the 21st Century.pdf 29 KB
1999-Summer-Aassembled.pdf 1.6 MB
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