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General Milley, former Chief of Staff of the Army, stressed readiness as his number one priority. In an effort to improve training readiness, he directed the use of standardized METLs for units at all echelons, company and above. A standardized METL provides an objective evaluation tool for commanders to effectively determine the training readiness of units. In the monthly unit status report, commanders assess their training readiness based on the outcome of objective evaluations. Legal Command and its subordinate Legal Operations Detachments must complete monthly unit status reports while using standardized METLs. In addition, this METL will provide a valuable resources for Combat Training Centers and OSJAs throughout the Army.

The JAGC METL consists of 14 mission essential tasks (METs), 42 supporting collective tasks (SCTs), and 56 training and evaluation outlines (T&EOs). In the METL Cross-walk, the SCTs align with the METs and our legal functions. The T&EOs describe the references, tasks, conditions, standards, evaluation criteria, and performance steps and measures for each MET and SCT.

The JAGC METL aligns with the warfighting functions and the decisive action standardized METLs at the Corps, Division, and Brigade HQs. The 14 METs represent the legal support provided to the essential tasks executed by the warfighting functions in these HQs.