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LEAPP is the center for self-development and training curriculum, products, and information for the JAGC. Under the TJAG section you will find the latest comments from TJAG. Under Media you will find a variety of resources on current legal events and articles, including podcasts and links to recent events at TJAGLCS. Self-Development Resources is the primary location for training materials (for enlisted and officers, JA’s and Non-JA’s), as well as links for self-development (including free cyber training). OSJA resources is the repository for personnel management, leadership, administration, and templates for OSJA offices.
The LEAPP page is updated monthly.

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Latest Additions

- Training Resources: STP - Article 137 w/ Investigation (Dec 2023)(12 Feb 2024)
- Training Resources: STP - Article 137 – IET (Dec 2023)(8 Feb 2024)
- JAGC-Related Training Calendars: Upcoming Courses and Training Opportunities (20 Jan 2024)
- Training Resources: STP - MJ Overview - BOLC A (27 Nov 2023)
- Office Knowledge Management: Deskbooks and Handbooks - 2023 Manual for Courts Martial (12 Oct 2023)